Monthly Archives: July 2012

Woodward Canyon, Abeja Producing Some of Washington’s Finest

Woodward Canyon Winery and Abeja are located on the far west and east sides of Walla Walla, respectively. Together, they’re among the producers of some of Washington’s finest wines. Woodward Canyon Winery is technically part of the microvillage of Lowden, situated about 13 miles west of Walla Walla. Founded in 1981 by Washington State University […]

Saviah, Rulo, Dusted Valley Represent Three of Walla Walla’s Best

Among Walla Walla wineries, Saviah Cellars, Rulo Winery (both established in 2000) and Dusted Valley Vintners (established in 2003) could essentially be classified as part of the first 50 or so “old time” wineries in this area. That might sound a bit strange, until you consider that number has almost tripled in just the last […]

Walla Walla Appellation Extends Beyond State’s Borders

It may surprise you to know that distinct American wine growing regions (referred to as appellations) are not determined by wineries, grape growers or even state authority. They’re designated by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, a branch of the United States Department of the Treasury. Because of this, appellations can extend beyond […]

Walla Walla: Great Place to Visit, Great Wines

Last month I spent four days in the Walla Walla Valley, reconnecting with old friends at established wineries and scouting out a handful of newer ones. Along the way, I did plenty of “power tasting” while critiquing the estimated 100-plus wines I sampled. As the old saying goes, it’s a tough job, but somebody’s got […]

Washington Wine Industry Does Its Part to Contribute to Economy

Earlier this year, the Washington Wine Commission released the findings of a study that emphasized just how much of an impact the Washington wine industry has on the state and national economy. Some of the more impressive results: • The wine industry contributes $8.6 billion annually to the state economy, more than double the $3 […]