Monthly Archives: December 2014

Champagne and Sparkling Wines Deserve to be Served Year Round

Tomorrow night is New Year’s Eve and if you’re like most wine drinkers, you’ll be celebrating the occasion with something bubbly in your glass. As we close out 2014, keep in mind that Champagne and sparkling wines are something that should be enjoyed throughout the year, not just on December 31. These beverages are delicious […]

Whatever Your Splurge Level, Consider These Great Red Wines

For many of us, the holiday season means it’s time to splurge. From food to gifts to good wine, this is the time when spending a few extra dollars becomes a guilt-free, cut-loose practice we might otherwise shelve for the other eleven months of the year. Although splurge levels are relative to the individual consumer, […]

Go To Red Mountain for Terrific Red Wines

Looking for some good red wines to serve this holiday season? Be sure to consider Washington’s Red Mountain Appellation, which has plenty to offer in terms of varietals and body styles at price points to suit most any budget. Red Mountain is just a 20-minute drive west of Richland in the Tri-Cities and it’s now […]

Whatcom County Wineries Have You Covered With Red, White Choices

Are you ready for the holidays and red wine season? Look no further than Whatcom County for plenty of good red wine choices…and white wines as well. We’re fortunate to have a number of talented winemakers that source their grapes from vineyards across the state and then produce the wines here at home. Nearly all […]

2014: Another Good Year for Washington Varietals and Boutique Wineries

As we move into December and begin winding down on 2014, here’s a quick look ahead before we take a look back. Today and over the next three weeks, I’ll feature primarily red wines as we move into the heart of what I refer to as “red wine season.” Included will be some special splurge […]