Monthly Archives: June 2013

First Release Syrah

J&J Vintners First Release Syrah (about $22) – Sourced from Yakima Valley grapes, the inagural release from this Milton Freewater, Oregon winery offers plenty of dark plum and cherry fruits up front, a dash of black pepper and an underlying touch of smokiness on the finish. This doesn’t carry the brighter notes of acidity some […]

Not All White Wines Require Prolonged Chilling

A cool glass of white wine can be enjoyed any time of year, but it always seems to work best for sipping as the weather turns warmer. This prompts me to point out a common mistake when preparing to serve most medium and full-bodied white wines: over chilling. Serving a white wine too cold masks […]

Local Wineries Offer White (and Mostly White) Wine Choices for Summer

It happens every year. We get a stretch of nice weather in early spring and Northwesterners become giddy with excitement that summer is nearly here. Then we have to deal with June. But July 5 is just around the corner and the promise of warmer, sun-drenched days are an affirmation of why we live here. […]

Fire Up the Barbeque and Pour Yourself a Glass of Cabernet Sauvignon

Summer officially arrives next week and if you still haven’t fired up your outdoor barbeque, you’re probably among the minority of Bellinghamsters. If you’re barbequing grilled meats, especially anything beef, and you’d like to consider a wine pairing, look no further than a Washington cabernet sauvignon. Cabernet makes a great barbeque wine because it’s full-bodied […]

Blaine Winery Continues to Come Up With Innovative New Wines

Tom Davis and Tracey DeGraff of Glacial Lake Missoula Wine Co. in Blaine always seem to be on the cutting edge of creative and innovative wines, but I’d care to wager that they’ve really outdone themselves this time. Their three stylishly labeled newest releases (each priced at $25), along with one previously released wine, are […]