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Washington Wineries Branch Out Into New Stand-Alone Varietals

If you think Washington wineries are essentially producing only chardonnay and riesling for white wines and cabernet, merlot and syrah for reds, I’m guessing you haven’t been shopping for wines lately. Washington wineries have been venturing out into several other varietals as of late; some you’re probably familiar with, others may be entirely new to […]

Help Plant a Tree While Enjoying Trinity Oaks Wines

I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Bellinghamsters tend to be a bit more environmentally conscious than the average American. Admit it, you bring in your own shopping bags or choose paper over plastic at the grocery store, and you cringe at the thought of someone throwing away a bottle rather than recycling […]

Wine Dinner Class at BTC

Wine Dinner at BTC

On a Budget? Ample Wine Choices Available at Reasonable Prices

Doing a little post-holiday budget watching during January? That’s no problem as far as wines purchases are concerned, because there are ample choices in the reasonably priced $10 to $15 a bottle range that are perfect for everyday enjoyment. I’m always a bit leery of the level of quality from wineries with large scale production […]