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White Heron, Jones of Washington Part of Ancient Lakes Appellation

The past two weeks I covered wines from Washington’s Horse Heaven Hills Appellation. For this and next week, I’ll take a look at our newest appellation: Ancient Lakes of Columbia Valley. This distinctive wine grape growing region was granted appellation status by the federal government last October, bringing the state’s total of American Viticultural Appellations […]

Horse Heaven Hills Red Wines: In a Word…Outstanding!

This week I continue my look at Washington’s Horse Heaven Hills Appellation with an emphasis on the red wines that are grown in and produced from the area. Located on the north side of the Columbia River on the Oregon/Washington border in the south central part of our state, this wine region produces a wide […]

S. Central Washington Region Provides Wine Grapes for a Number of Wineries

Washington’s Horse Heaven Hills Appellation is one of those wine regions you may not have visited or know little about, but you’ve almost certainly tasted the wines made from the grapes that are grown there. Located in south central Washington, the appellation is tucked between the Yakima Valley to the north and the Columbia River […]

Vinostrology Brings the Wine Bar Atmosphere Back to Bellingham

In case you haven’t heard, Vinostrology Wine Lounge and Merchant opened in downtown Bellingham in late May. Add this to several other recently launched venues for wine, beer and spirits including BevX360, BevMo, and Seifert & Jones Wine Merchants, and local wine enthusiasts should have plenty to be happy about. Vinostrology sets itself apart by […]

Here’s a Trio of Superb California White Wines to Try

Last week I discussed the propensity of some people to overchill a white wine in the refrigerator or on ice before serving. But remember that most medium to full-bodied white wines, such as chardonnay, viognier, pinot gris and sauvignon blanc shouldn’t be served too cold, or you’ll cover up the fruit and floral flavors and […]