Monthly Archives: May 2014

Red Wine Blends

2010 Bombing Range Red (about $16) – This wine features a cool, fighter plane label with pretty bold stuff inside the bottle to match. This combination of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Mourvedre opens with a slightly smoky/spicy aroma along with some raspberry accents. On the palate, there are plenty of cherry and berry […]

Pinot Grigio

Double Blind 2013 (about $15) – This Italian Pinot Grigio falls squarely in the medium-bodied white wine category, so if you don’t like your pinots too lean or too heavy-handed this wine will make an excellent choice. Green melon, lemon/lime and Granny Smith apple flavors fill the glass, with a borderline creamy note to the […]

Looking for Solid, Affordable Wines? Try Thurston Wolfe

Occasionally I refer to a winery that produces “solid” wines. By solid, I mean dependable, reliable choices that you can always count on for good quality and good taste. And if you’re able to add affordability to the mix, that’s even better. For me, Thurston Wolfe winery is the epitome of a solid Washington wine […]

Post-Ski to Sea Wines: Versatile, Portable, and Bubbly

Last year around this time my editor suggested I do a wine column with a Ski to Sea theme for the 2014 race. My first thought was that this was just a little nutty (wine in a hydration pack for bikers?) but I simply chalked it up to a profession where one must have to […]

Chill Down These Whites and Roses for Maximum Enjoyment

Today I’ll finish up my two-part series featuring white wines and rosés that are always at their best with a bit of chilling down. These are great wines to serve when the weather warms up and, as an added bonus, you’ll find many of them to be in the nicely priced $10 to $19-a-bottle price […]