Monthly Archives: May 2012

Proper Balance is Paramount in Wine Production

Public television’s “Simply Ming” is one of my favorite cooking shows. Recently, host Ming Tsai and another chef prepared a halibut entrée that also included rice wine vinegar, orange zest, palm sugar and Swiss chard. My first thought was that this seemed like a rather odd combination of ingredients, but the point of the show […]

Wine Packaging Takes on New Forms With Good Results

Once considered a rarity, boxes, cubes, pouches, cylinders, tetra paks and even aluminum cans have become commonplace alternatives to standard wine bottles. The benefits of these types of alternative packaging have grown increasingly important as many of us try to live greener and be more environmentally conscious about our purchases. Obviously, lightweight wine packaging is […]

Blaine Wineries Great Destinations for Whatcom County Locavores

Are you a locavore who likes to shop for wines that are produced in Whatcom County? We’re fortunate to have several good wineries from which to choose. Today I’ll focus on two that are located in Blaine along with their newly released wines. First up is Glacial Lake Missoula Wine Co. where winemakers Tom Davis […]

Marsanne Makes a Great Alternative to Mainstream White Wines

Last week I focused on the white wine varietal roussanne, and this week we’ll take a look at marsanne, a grape with many similarities. Like roussanne, marsanne is thought to have originated in the Rhône Valley of France. It’s also used primarily for blending purposes, especially with roussanne and viognier, and it’s somewhat viscous with […]

Roussanne Shows Promise Among Washington Wineries

Roussanne is a white wine grape that’s probably been around for centuries and yet, until recently, it remained in relative obscurity in Washington State. It’s most likely that the grape originated in the Rhone Valley of France, and although it is primarily used for blending purposes, I’m starting to see it offered by more and […]