Monthly Archives: December 2013

Sparkling Wines Offer Crowd-Pleasing Choices

It’s New Year’s Eve and that means it’s time to talk Champagne and sparkling wines. For those of you who heeded my advice at this time last year and started enjoying sparkling wine year-round, good for you! For the rest of you who didn’t touch the stuff except at your cousin’s wedding in June and […]

A Look Back at 2013 and What to Expect From Washington Winemakers

I’m down to my final two columns of 2013. So I ask myself, “Do I feature sparkling wines and Champagne the week before New Year’s or wait until New Year’s Eve?” Then I remember this is Bellingham and nobody plans for New Year’s until a day or two beforehand. That settles it…year in review this […]

It’s the Holiday Season…Splurge a Little!

It’s the holiday season and that puts many of us in a mood to splurge. When buying wines the definition of splurge, of course, is relative to your income level and, perhaps, to your sense of adventure. But it’s the holidays, and what better time to cut loose and push the boundaries of your normal […]

Coach House Cellars Moves From Garagists to High-Caliber Winemakers

Have you ever tasted a food or beverage and said, “There’s no reason I couldn’t make something as good as this.” That thought must have been going through the minds of Whatcom County residents Paxton Rembert and Scott Whitman when they set out on their own winemaking venture. Having only the experience of being wine […]

Southard Winery is a Gem Among Smaller Producers

For Washington wine enthusiasts like me who want to get out and explore, discovering a smaller winery with quality wines feels similar to finding buried treasure. To be honest, I first encountered Scott Southard of Southard Winery a few years ago at a Taste Washington event in Seattle. I recall that he made an awesome […]