Monthly Archives: September 2008

Larger Bottles – Great for Parties, But Be Wary of Quality

A standard 750 milliliter bottle holds slightly more than 25 ounces. Double that to 50 ounces and divide it by, say, 5 ounces, which is a pretty decent pour for a single glass of wine. That gives you about 10 glasses of wine per 1.5 liter bottle – far too much for two people to […]

Three Great Wines for Specific Soup Selections

With the fall season upon us, I suspect that we’ll be eating more soups at mealtime as we begin to move indoors. When you do, remember to consider a nice wine to accompany the soup and help maximize your enjoyment of this great food/wine combination. Pairing wine with soup is relatively easy if you remember […]

Wine With Soup? Absolutely!

There are a few foods that can be problematic when searching for wine pairings. Asparagus and artichokes always seem to be a bit tricky while ice cream and sorbet are nearly impossible (but then, why would you serve wine with a sorbet?). And how about soup? With all of the possible combinations of types of […]

Bargain Wines Can be Found Both by Recommendation and With a Bit of Searching

Sometimes you have to do a bit of searching to find a good, bargain-priced wine. And other times it takes virtually no effort at all when you get a hot tip or recommendation on a wine from someone else. I like to categorize a wine as a bargain in one of two ways. The first […]

Town of Prosser Benefits from Increase in Washington Wineries

Prosser is one of many Eastern Washington towns that have benefited tremendously by the State’s expanding wine industry. What used to be a sleepy little burg located about a half hours drive west of the Tri-Cities has now blossomed into its own full-fledged wine destination. I suppose you know you’ve “arrived” as a bona fide […]