Monthly Archives: November 2014

Guidelines for Serving Wines at Thanksgiving That Will Keep the Holiday Stress-Free

Serving wines with Thanksgiving dinner? Just follow a few simple guidelines and the selection process can be as stress-free as opening a can of cranberry jelly. First and foremost, offer variety. I harp on this every year, but you can hardly go wrong if you use this as a starting point. With a variety of […]

Bertelsen Winery Now Open in Skagit County

If you travel the Interstate 5 corridor with any regularity you probably observed the “Coming Soon” sign for Bertelsen Winery at the Starbird Road exit near the top of Conway Hill for the past couple of years. That sign was changed to “Now Open” in April, giving long-awaiting wineophiles in Skagit and nearby Whatcom County […]

McKinley Springs: Great Vineyard, Great Wines

Designating the vineyard source for a wine – a practice that was once virtually unheard of – has become an increasingly important part of the wine label. As Washington wine production has increased, so has the knowledge and sophistication level of the wine consumer. Not content to know only what they’re drinking, they want access […]

Bergevin Lane: Dependable, Honored, Reasonably Priced Wines

If you’ve yet to try wines from Bergevin Lane Vineyards here’s the capsulized version of what to expect: solid, dependable choices, good variety, and extremely reasonable prices. Back that up with a boatload of accolades, awards and 90+ ratings and you could hardly ask for more from a Walla Walla winery. Annette Bergevin and Amber […]