Monthly Archives: December 2012

A Special Day Deserves Some Special Wines

It’s seems a bit odd to have a wine column on December 25, but rest assured I was prepared far enough in advance to avoid writing it on Christmas Eve. Because it’s a special day for many, I think a Christmas column calls for some special wines. Prosser’s Mercer Estates Winery currently offers a full […]

Try These Red Wine Selections from Oregon and Washington

It’s red wine month, a self-proclaimed title I’ve given to December. Why? Because it’s a great time to hunker down as we get ready for another cold, gray winter and warm up with a nice glass or bottle of red wine. Today I’ll give you a few more recommendations from Oregon and Washington wineries and […]

Enjoy Zins? Consider Renwood Winery

If you like zinfandel, you have to consider Renwood Winery. Renwood is located in the heart of California about one-hour east of Sacramento in the Sierra Foothills of Amador County. If you’re familiar with Amador County, you know that this part of California has earned a reputation for producing zinfandels that are among the best […]

Warm Up With A Red Wine During December

I’m officially declaring December to be “red wine month.” With winter on the horizon and the prospect of even colder weather ahead, December just seems like the perfect time to enjoy a glass of red wine. I’m not saying you should abandon all plans to serve a chilled white wine this month. But if you […]