Monthly Archives: August 2012

Treveri Cellars is a Sparkling Wine Lover’s Dream

Good Champagne is festive, bubbly, amazingly food-friendly and, unfortunately, expensive. If you enjoy this versatile beverage and are always on the lookout for a more economical sparkling wine alternative I’ve got a great recommendation. Treveri Cellars will blow you away with the level of quality you get for what you pay. Every one of their […]

Here’s a Mishmash of Northwest Wine Recommendations

I don’t have a theme for today’s column and I’ve learned that not having one can turn into the theme itself. Years ago, when Art Fleming hosted the original version of the television game show, “Jeopardy!” there was a smattering of oddly named, miscellaneous categories such as “leftovers,” “goulash,” “potpourri,” and “hodgepodge.” As a youngster, […]

Take a Side Trip and Visit Steppe Cellars

If you enjoy visiting wineries like I do, you know that not every tasting room is conveniently located side-by-side in an industrial park or relatively close to a major highway. Steppe Cellars is one of those slightly out-of-the-way wineries. From exit 63 off Interstate 82 in the Yakima Valley, you’ll need to allow for about […]

Walla Walla Airport Area Home to Several Wineries

The Walla Walla airport may seem like an unlikely setting for a winery and yet there are a good 15 to 20 tasting rooms nearby. In a city where everything seems to be within easy reach, you’ll find these wineries are conveniently located just a few minutes’ drive east of downtown. Today I’ll wrap up […]