Viognier: A Wine to Watch

Viognier has a reputation for being a bit difficult to grow. But I’ve spoken with several winemakers and they really feel that this isn’t entirely true. One of the reasons more Viognier hasn’t been grown might be because it has comparatively low yields. Low yields = less wine produced = less profit potential. But consumers […]

Stephenson Cellars Producing Some Awesome Red Wines

Added note: Stephenson Cellars 2003 Cabernet received a double gold at the Tri-Cities Wine Festival on November 12, 2005. I first discovered Stephenson’s wines at the Temple Bar in Bellingham last year and was thoroughly impressed. This is a winemaker who is really on top of his game, producing some awesome red wines that are […]

Other Wines

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Portteus Vineyards: 20+ Years of Winemaking

Paul Portteus has to be considered one of the pioneers of Washington winemaking. His first vineyards were established in 1981, when there were literally just a handful of wineries in the state. Portteus is rare in that he bottles wine under his own label and supplies grapes for other wineries. His reputation is so well […]

Glen Fiona Offers Nice Selection of Syrahs

If you like Syrahs you need to give Glen Fiona wines a try. The winery specializes in this tasty varietal, with five of their six current releases either a Syrah or Rhone-like Syrah blend. Of all the wines I tried on a recent visit, the 2001 Cuvee Parallel 46 (about $25) impressed me the most. […]

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