Goose Ridge Vineyards Transforms Distilled Wine Grapes Into an Amazing Vodka

Goose Ridge Vineyards Vido Vodka – Based near the Tri-Cities, Goose Ridge Vineyards is currently producing a must-try vodka that – strange as it may sound – is sourced from the winery’s premium wine grapes.

One thing that I really liked about this vodka was its personality. Unlike most vodkas, it wasn’t bland and flavorless with a heavy-on-the-alcohol aftertaste. It carries a stunning aroma of butterscotch candy and comes across amazingly clean on the palate with a velvety soft finish and no trace of edginess.

I blind tasted this against a top-shelf vodka that was about 1-1/2 times the Vido’s $35-a-bottle price and the Vido absolutely blew the competitor away in terms of quality and flavor.

In addition to the vodka, the winery carries a complete line of accessories and glassware that are available for purchase. Go to:

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