Spokane’s Latah Creek Winery a Model of Consistency

May 12th, 2015

Keeping a winery up and running with a consistent product year after year is no small feat. The fact that Mike and Ellena Conway of Latah Creek Wine Cellars have been doing just that since 1980 is nothing short of amazing.

When the Conways started their winery in Spokane nearly 35 years ago there were only 17 others in Washington. Since that time, the state’s winery count has swelled to 850-plus.

What’s the their secret? Certainly their commitment to affordably priced wines in a relaxed atmosphere has to be a consideration. The tasting room, located just off Interstate 90 a few miles east of downtown Spokane, is as unpretentious as they come, with an unabashedly kitschy retail inventory that engulfs the tasting bar.

nullWhile this might be off-putting to some, those with more of a laid-back, casual approach to tasting wines will probably feel right at home.

That’s likely what the Conways envisioned while nurturing this mainstay Washington winery to its current annual production level of around 15,000 cases. And to insure this sense of family continues, their daughter, Natalie Barnes, joined the winery in 2004 and now shares winemaking duties.

Here are my tasting notes on some current releases I sampled during a visit to Spokane last month:

2013 Riesling (about $10) – Gentle floral aromas lead off, with juicy melon and tropical fruit flavors. Steely acidity balances out the sweetness that comes through as a whisper of honeycomb on the finish.

2012 Chardonnay (about $12) – This biannually produced chardonnay bears some nice minerality from the Ancient Lakes region’s terrior along with Golden Delicious apple and pear flavors. There’s a touch of citrus in the latter stages along with a hint of toasted oak.

2014 Moscato (about $15) – Mike Conway believes that muscat is one of the state’s most underappreciated grapes and his interpretation of the varietal offers a nice balance of fruit, acidity, and sweetness. White flower aromatics, lychee and pineapple flavors, and a finish of subtle spices highlight this aperitif-style wine.

2012 Ellena’s Sangiovese (about $18) – Bright red fruit flavors of cherry and currant melt into a slightly smoky finish with grippy tannins in the background. A pairing with pasta and marinara sauce immediately comes to mind.

Non-Vintage Monarch Red (pictured above, about $20) – This complex blend of merlot, tempranillo, malbec, and syrah is drinking beautifully. Delicious plum, dark cherry and black currant flavors melt into layered finishing notes of espresso and mocha.

2010 Natalie’s Nectar (about $15) – This blend of finished and unfiltered juice from syrah grapes displays a mouthful of dried cherry flavors and slightly sweet finish. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind red wine that pairs well with dark chocolate.

Latah Creek Wine Cellars’ tasting room is open daily from 9am to 5pm. Order online at latahcreek.com

What’s My Favorite Wine? Here Are a Few Suggestions

April 21st, 2015

What’s your favorite wine?

That’s easily one of the most-asked questions I’ve encountered during the past 15 years as a wine columnist for the Herald.

The answer, of course, is always a moving target, as new wines are introduced into the market and older vintages go out of circulation as they’re consumed or cellared.

One of my goals at last month’s Taste Washington event in Seattle was to come up with a laundry list, of sorts, of some current “favorite” wines from the attending 200-plus wineries to pass along to consumers.

Given the time constraints and volume of wines at this event, first impressions mean everything. So with that in mind, here are my notes on some standout wines I sampled during my whirlwind tasting:

White Blends: COR Cellars poured an awesome 2014 Celilo Vineyard Alba COR, sourced from Columbia Gorge gewürztraminer and pinot gris grapes; Lake Chelan’s Charlie Lybecker had another winner with his Cairdeas Winery 2013 Southern White Rhône Blend; and Cloudlift Cellars continued to impress with a lovely Bordeaux blend in its 2012 Updraft White.

White Single Varietal Labels: The Ancestry Cellars 2014 Rejouissant Sauvignon Blanc piqued my taste buds with its laser-sharp acidity and crisp, clean finish, as did the Tempus Cellars 2013 Riesling; Victor Palencia scored again with his Palencia Winery 2014 Albariño; and two over-the-top 2013 Columbia Valley chardonnays I enjoyed included those from Walla Walla’s Forgeron Cellars and Guardian Cellars in Woodinville.

nullSparkling and Rosé Wines: Yakima’s Treveri Cellars’ two Non-Vintage Brut Methode Champenoise sparklers, a Blanc de Blancs and Blanc de Noir were both excellent, as was the 2011 Brut from Karma Vineyards in Chelan (albeit at over twice the price); while Seven Hills Winery served a gorgeous, pale pink 2014 Dry Rosé Cabernet Franc.

Red Blends: A pair of Woodinville winery red blends were amazing: the Brian Carter Cellars 2010 Byzance Red Rhône Blend and Robert Ramsey Cellars 2012 Le Mien Red Rhône Blend (pictured at left); Scott Southard of Selah’s Southard Winery poured a mind-blowing 2012 Red Blend that was insanely underpriced, as were two of Redmond’s Cinq Cellars’ selections, a 2012 “The Professors” Bordeaux Blend and 2012 “The Storm” Rhône Blend.

Red Single Varietal Labels: Spokane’s Barrister Winery featured a stunning 2012 Bacchus Vineyard Syrah that was probably near the top of my list of favorites; Des Voigne Cellars’ 2012 The Duke Zinfandel was unique, spicy and flavorful; relative newcomers J&J Vintners’ 2012 Malbec and 2012 Syrah represented Walla Walla Valley fruit at its finest.

Zillah’s Two Mountain Winery 2012 Estate Cabernet Franc was superb, as was the 2013 Cabernet Franc from Walla Walla Vintners; and the $89-a-bottle Doubleback 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon was so spectacular it nearly justified its stratospheric price.

Simply Prepared Salmon Pairs Nicely With Wines High in Acidity

March 31st, 2015

Fresh Pacific Northwest salmon is one of those foods I can’t get enough of.

I was fortunate to grow up on northern Whidbey Island, where my dad was an avid recreational salmon fisherman who frequented its surrounding waters with great success.

I can recall many a Sunday, when an early afternoon dinner was centered around his barrel-cooked, alder wood smoked salmon…sometimes caught just the day before.

nullThe salmon was prepared simply: butter, salt, pepper and perhaps a squeeze of lemon topped the fish, which was juicy, flaky and tender, never overcooked, and perfect when served with a baked potato, green salad, and a slice of my mom’s garlic bread.

There are many other ways to prepare salmon, of course. But the focus of today’s column is to suggest a few wines that pair with this fish when it’s cooked with only a minimal amount of added ingredients; just the way my dad still prepares it today.

The key to a good wine pairing always starts with the food. Because salmon often has a rich, marbled, high-fat content, I usually select wines with a high acid content to serve with this prized Pacific Northwest seafood.

The combination works because the wine’s acidity cuts through and contrasts with the fattiness of the fish, allowing you to taste both the food and the wine. And this food/wine rule-of-thumb not only applies to salmon, it holds true for most other foods that are high in fat as well.

Whether you choose a wine that is red or white shouldn’t matter; it’s the acid level that should be your gauge. Select a wine that fits this profile – Champagne and sparkling wines, riesling, pinot gris, grenache, and pinot noir are excellent examples – and you’ll be rewarded with a virtually foolproof choice that should enhance your dining experience.

Here are a few northwest wine recommendations that work especially well with a simply prepared salmon entrée:

Gilbert Cellars 2013 Estate Riesling (about $20) – This big, viscous riesling is quite appley to start with undertones of crisp citrus and a touch of spicy lychee. The wine’s .75-percent residual sugar content gives the finish a faintly perceptible whisper of sweetness.

Maryhill Winery 2012 Proprietor’s Reserve Grenache (about $30) – There’s an Old World character to this wine with its reserved cherry, red plum, and spiced crabapple flavors. The finish suggests toasted oak, crushed herbs, and a lingering hint of earthiness.

Swiftwater Cellars 2010 Pinot Noir (about $55) – Sourced from Willamette Valley grapes, this elegant, salmon-friendly wine opens with gentle, smoky cedar and caramel aromatics. Bright, red raspberry flavors melt into a soft finish with accents of anise and dried black cherry.

Thurston Wolfe Releases Full Slate of Quality 2012 Vintage Reds

March 17th, 2015

Many of Washington’s 2012 vintage red wines are currently in release or just starting to hit the market. After the challenging, cooler-than-usual 2010 and 2011 vintages, winemakers had a much more “normal” year with 2012. For consumers, the reward has been some truly stellar, full-bodied and flavorful red wines.

Nowhere is this more evident than with Thurston Wolfe winery in Prosser, where owner/winemaker Dr. Wade Wolfe has produced terrific, reliable wines for over 25 years. And even though Wolfe’s 2010 and 2011 vintages hit the mark in terms of consistently high quality, his 2012’s are even better.

nullI recently tasted through a number of the winery’s recently or soon-to-be released reds and thought they were excellent choices across the board. Here are my tasting notes:

2012 D.R. Wolfe’s Family Red (about $16) – Lovely vanilla bean fragrance for starters, jammy blackberry and black currant flavors, and a spicy, brambly finish with a hint of Rainier cherry highlight this blend of petite sirah, zinfandel, lemberger and syrah.

2012 Howling Wolfe Zinfandel (about $20) – This nicely complex zin features a nose of brioche and rum raisin, some peppery notes up front and then a layer of cherry wrapped in a blanket of chocolaty caramel. This well-priced wine could easily be the standard by which all Washington zinfandels for this vintage are measured.

2012 The Spaniard (about $20) – This red blend is the combination of three varietals: grenache provides bright raspberry and red currant flavors; tempranillo contributes gentle tannins and texture; and syrah adds some smoky, spicy notes. The underlying finish of lightly-herbed bittersweet chocolate makes it a tasty, multi-faceted and complete wine.

2012 Petite Sirah (about $20) – This ever-evolving, powerful red opens with enticing sweet cedar and caramel aromatics followed by black plum and blackberry flavors and a slightly grippy finish suggesting smoky lardo with a touch of espresso. It pairs perfectly with barbeque pork or beef ribs.

2012 Malbec (about $30) – Spicy blackberry and blueberry aromas and flavors are complemented with additional fruits of black currant and dried cherry on the palate. It’s compact, dense and well-structured with a pleasant, somewhat meaty finish.

2012 Reserve Zinfandel (about $30) – This exquisitely crafted zin displays all the components of a perfectly balanced wine: candied cherry aromatics, a splash of bright acidity, soft black cherry fruit, and a finish capped with subtle black pepper, toasted oak, and faintly chalky tannins. Outstanding!

2010 The Geologist Bordeaux Blend (about $50) – I realize this is from the 2010 vintage, but this just-released combination of cabernet sauvignon, petit verdot and malbec bears mentioning. The wine’s aromas of butterscotch and freshly brewed coffee lead into reserved, dark berry fruits and a lengthy finish with vanilla accents. It’s heady, yet elegant and should not be missed.

Washington Producing Some Superb Rhone Valley Varietals

March 10th, 2015

Last month I covered several of the more popular Rhône varietals that have found their way into Washington vineyards. Since then, I’ve been on a self-imposed mission to search out, taste, and come up with some specific recommendations of wines produced from these varietals that I think you’ll enjoy.

The only problem I encountered: narrowing down the list of superb wines I tasted in an effort to give you the best of the best.

nullTo refresh your memory, a Rhône varietal is one of 22 grapes sanctioned by the French government for wine production within that country’s Rhône Valley. Of these, the top six varietals now grown in Washington are syrah, viognier, grenache, roussanne, marsanne, and mourvèdre.

Corvidae Wine Company Lenore 2011 Syrah (about $16) – Gorgeous, black cherry flavors stand out with undertones of gamey meats and subtle, sultry spices on a silky-soft finish. This over-achieving, entry-level selection from Owen Roe Winery delivers from start to finish and is a classic example of excellent winemaking during a challenging vintage year. The 2012 vintage of this wine is now also currently available.

Cougar Crest Estate Winery 2013 Viognier (about $22) – Sourced from Walla Walla Valley estate vineyards, this wine’s big aromatics of lemon and key lime are matched with honeydew melon flavors and bold tropical fruits of mango, papaya and pineapple. The finish is slightly plump with a borderline-sweet trailing note.

Maryhill Winery 2009 Syrah (about $22) – This older vintage syrah is still available and drinking beautifully. Honey-graham and vanilla bean aromas, a mouthful of dark cherry fruits on the mid-palate, and a lengthy finish with accents of caramel and black licorice highlight this fine effort.

nullLookout Point Winery 2011 Grenache (about $24) – There’s a nice fleshy quality to this wine, while at the same time brighter strawberry, red currant and pomegranate flavors come through on the finish along with a spritz of white pepper.

Keep your eye on winemaker George Petzinger, who’s really hitting his stride with this micro-boutique winery that operates from a cozy tasting room in downtown Yakima.

Forgeron Cellars 2013 Façon Blanc (about $25) – This tasty blend of four white Rhône varietals – roussanne, grenache blanc, viognier, and marsanne – is filled with mouth-watering white peach and apricot flavors that transition into crisp, vibrant citrus while still maintaining a full-bodied quality. Another stunning effort from Walla Walla winemaker Marie-Eve Gilla.

Maryhill Winery 2011 Marvel ~ GSM (about $40) – What more can one say about this highly-decorated wine that was Great Northwest Wine’s 2014 Wine of the Year? Grenache, syrah and mourvèdre converge in this red blend with smoky, pepper bacon on the nose, understated mincemeat and fig flavors and, when decanted for several hours, a soft, chocolaty finish. Truly a phenomenal wine worth savoring.

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